Thursday, December 04, 2008

I believe in miracles

Say hello to Abigail Ray Theesfeld, who decided to join us here a bit early on Monday evening, Dec. 1st. It has been an unbelievable couple of days...completely overwhelming in ways I could have never imagined....but I think I'm most overcome with the feeling that she truly is miraculous. I don't mean that in a "my girl is the most important, miraculous child ever to grace the good earth" (though I'm sure you all would forgive me for feeling so..)...but really, the whole thing, from the moment I met Kira, to our second date seeing Ray Lamontagne at the TLA, to that June day in New Paltz 2 summers ago...all of it leading up to monday night...has been remarkable, a blessing. I think we're both overcome with the feeeling that we're so blessed to have shared so many things with each other and so many friends and our families. We are so grateful for everything...and now, the greatest gift, our little girl.

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Anthony Theesfeld said...

I know Poppy is looking down at you now so proud of you and what you have become and giving all of his love to Abigail.