Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Whole World Smiles...

At you.

OK, OK...for every post that might make it seem like I need a hug, there's got to be (at least) one that makes me smile and remind me that life is indeed beautiful. My little girl does that for me every time I see her

Required Reading

I'm not one of those end of the world guys. I'm nervous, for sure, about the course of things. I should probably pay less attention to the "markets", financial blogs, gold bugs, conspiracy theorists...and just have faith in my family and friends. With that said..this piece in today's NY Times should, in my opinion, be required reading for all of us.

Let's be honest...we know that if we keep using our credit cards and only paying off the minimum balance, we'll dig ourselves a hole so deep we'll never get out. So why do we assume the government can do the same thing and pull it off?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taking the Short Cut

One of my friends mentioned, a bit tongue in cheek, how much he enjoys my seemingly daily rants and raves on facebook and here on my blog. I realize, of course, most of you are likely tired of all the nonsense, and I certainly am sorry for the occasional miscellaneous ramblings. But the way I see it, my poor wife can only take so much...and I'm not always so good at keeping my mouth shut.

No random complaints today...just a quick mention on the "short" cut I'm taking this weekend. After 2 years of relentless early October suffering, I will be taking it "easy" on sunday and racing the Short Course at the American Zofingen up in New Paltz. They moved the race to a May date from it's usual October running...the earlier date, along with minor surgery and 3 feet of snow in February and March, made it very difficult to get myself in any kind of shape for the 8+ hours of suffering the Long Course requires. But the 5 hours a week of "training" I've been getting the past month or so are certainly adequate enough to get me thru the day...just put my head down for 3 hours and get it done. 70 degrees and sunny...some glorious suffering indeed.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ease on down the road

A note to "our" Congress...thank you, thank you for kicking the can down the road and virtually assuring our children will be forced to pay dearly for "our" mistakes. Of the people, for the people, by the people...just not quite sure which people are represented any more

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Your source...

For Business News

Europe is a freaking mess, we've got at LEAST a half dozen states (California, New York, Michigan...) that make Greek finances look like well balanced books, Nashville is under water, there are a quarter million gallons of oil spilling into the Gulf each day...and they're talking about MARTHA STEWART PETS on CNBC!...what a JOKE!!

Monday, May 03, 2010


Thunder and lightning and lots of rain are NOT a good combination when it comes to trying to get a good night's sleep with Luna in the house. Our poor girl gets so nervous and has such a hard's frustrating at first, but then you see her shaking and all you want to do is make her feel better.
So, I'm asleep at the wheel a bit here today. The "youngster" in me is telling me to get on the bike and get an easy ride in. The "wiser, older" man says take it easy, rest when you're tired, go hard when you feel good.
Kira ran Broad Street yesterday. 1:15 in near 90 degree temps and 90 percent relative humidity. A proud effort for my girl...I still think she can go A LOT faster.