Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Miss You Already

Aunt Erika left today...she came up to visit on Monday. She was a HUGE help! She helped Kira with all kinds of things, too many to list, really. More than anything...the great dinners, the cleaning, the trips to the market, Abigails first walk around the block, the trip to see the surly lactation consultant in was just great to have her here with us. We're really lucky. We are so grateful to Pavel and Sophia for parting with mom for a few days...looking forward to seeing them soon. Thanks again Erika, we miss you already

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Aunt E said...

Such a sweet post, thanks Mike! I really enjoyed my stay at Theesfeld - shire! It was so cozy and nice. Miss you guys so much - and so glad we'll be graced with a visit this coming week. You getting ready for your trip I suppose. Be SAFE! And have a great time :)