Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Pits

12:32 on a Tuesday afternoon, sitting on the top steps of the crude ring...bored out of my mind. A few weeks ago I mentioned $75 crude and $3 gas...I just didn't think we'd get there so soon.
It's the dog days of summer on the NYMEX...when I first start working down here in the summer of '02, I spent a lot of time in the late morning/early afternoon playing tetris, killing time between the open and close. It sucked. Guys used to take the entire summer off and start rolling back in after Labor Day when the hurricanes start playing pinball in the Gulf. Most of those guys are gone, retired or broke (or both), but it's still dead quiet for most of the day...waiting, waiting, waiting...staring at the screen, looking for a number that just doesn't seem to fit. It was a lot more fun when we were yelling at each other.

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