Friday, June 05, 2009

June Showers...

Bring May flowers? Seriously, this is a bit out of hand. It's 90 degrees in Seattle and 65 and raining for 4 straight days here in the lovely garden state. I shouldn't complain, I'm sure it'll be hot as heck here in a few weeks and I'll be wishing for cooler days.

It's a quiet friday here at work after another crazy week...I just had an arm wrestling match in the middle of the crude pit, and nearly lost. Too many miles running and riding and not enough pullups. And while I'm on the subject of miles...

Kira was psyched for me to get in on the Jay's ride to LBI this weekend...the only problem is i thought it was on saturday...the boys (and a few girls, I'm sure) are in fact rolling out on Sunday morning at 7 AM. So, I've got a big opening in my day tomorrow, the weather looks good...might be time to put the hurt on. Maybe something like this?

We'll see how it goes

Lot's of new pics up in the Flickr account. Kira has been so good about keeping things rolling...she's grinding thru a rough couple of weeks with work, but she's doing a great job keeping things in perspective. And Abbie has her 6 month checkup today...The over/under is 15 pounds

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Erika said...

Yeah, the rain, I hear ya! Good luck with the race this weekend! The sat. bike ride looks giganticon to me, but what do I know, really.