Thursday, July 02, 2009

Down the Shore

Our first trip down the shore with Abigail, the annual Filachione Clan in Ocean City, NJ extravaganza, has come and gone with lots of smiles and sand and Mack and Manco's and rigatoni and meatballs...a rather unhealthy amount of fried seafood and beer and wine (but what else are you supposed to eat when you're down the shore...and speaking of down the shore, does anyone else say that, or is it just a Jersey thing? Do people in California say down the shore? Unlikely, I say) A fair amount of rain and clouds but enough sun to make everyone happy (and it's not like the kids cared whether it was sunny or rainy or cloudy...I think fire and brimstone could fall from the sky and they'd be happy because they're at the beach) Lots of naps for Abbie, staying up late and sleeping in, living the good life...and a bit of a much needed and well deserved reality check for Kira and me. Because at the end of the day, all of the stress, the worry, the crazy commutes, wondering why it's all so hard sometimes...all that really matters is enjoying our days. Special thanks to Mom Mom...we're already looking forward to next summer

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