Friday, May 29, 2009

Thoughts on a Friday

Some random thoughts on a week gone by...

A week that saw Kira leave us for her first trip since Abbie was born. It was rough, for sure. I kept telling Kira I could understand how she felt because it was so hard for me to leave for Montana in early February...but I know it's not the same. The most obvious difference is the time that's gone by, and how that time has strengthened the bonds we all share. But it's different for Kira because she is, in the most simple terms, Abbie's mom...and that's a bond that I can't begin to understand. I can see it...the way Abbie smiles when she sees Kira, the way Kira let's go of all the stress and anxiety of the daily grind when she holds's beautiful, magical,'s everything that's good about being in love.

Another maddening week of work...a week that saw energy prices go even higher...way ahead of themselves, if you ask me. Things don't make much sense, and yet make perfect sense, again, which probably means crude's going to $75 and we'll see $3 a gallon at the pump before we know it. Of course, complaining is a bit like biting the hand that feeds me, and I'll fight the hypocrite label as long as I'm alive and trading energy products. But I think it's safe to say my 50-100 lots a day have very little impact on the daily price changes, considering average daily volumes are in the millions. It really sucks that the only way the banks can make money is to take the money the government gave them, and instead of lending it, they use it to make big bets on the most lucrative markets they can energy. But wait, this is working, right? The recession is ending, right? What a load of crap...all I see is real prices going higher...and no one I know is going out and talking about feeling better about things...regardless of what the latest greatest financial expert is claiming on our favorite financial news network. Tell me again why I do this for a living?

Listening to Kings of Leon right now...dude, they're really good.

Lance is the man. The guy hasn't ridden a grand tour in 3 years, broke his collarbone 2 months ago, he's 37 years old...and he's getting STRONGER on the bike each day in Italy. Seriously, if he doesn't get you fired up to get off your ass and do something...then check yourself.

The weekend is here...time to get on the bike, get a few runs in, trim the hedges...and hang out with my girls.

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erika said...

I'm so glad that trip is over for all of you! Nothing like leaving your baby for the first time to go to a diff. state. Sorry things are rough for you at work :( I can't imagine your stress... big hugs!