Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spring is in the air

It's hard to imagine we had near blizzard conditions on Monday. I'm heading out for a ride with Mike S. this morning in temps that should approach 60 degrees by the time we roll back home. It'll be the first of many rides we'll be out on this season, as Mike is prepping for Leadville and I'm looking to perhaps pulloff the sub 9 hour Wilderness 101/sub 8 hour AmZof double (it's a bit ambitious for sure, not to mention more than a bit selfish to ask for the ability to get in 2 big races this season...the Zof is definitely in my sights, not too sure about the 101 yet). Things are good, Kira just wrapped her first week back at work and pulled thru in fine fashion. It's a struggle to wrap her hands around all the changes but I know she'll shine...she always seems to find her way. Abbie is amazing (though we are still inconsistent, to say the least, when it comes to some of our sleeping patterns. Last nights lack of sleeping pattern would be a prime example) It's all part of the trip, for sure.

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