Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The littlest things

It is amazing to think that just 2 months ago Mike and I had never spoken about feedings, dirty diapers, nor pacifiers. WOW! Our world sure has been turned upside down. As every parent forewarned... life is forever changed...but it's so much better. Every day brings with it some new little surprise that brings such joy to our lives. Silly to say, but right now it is the fact that our girl is finally pooping daily... probably too much information for some of you... but for those who know what it's been like we couldn't be happier! Another milestone is that Abigail is now officially in the 8 pound club and is doing great. Never thought she'd outgrow the newborn clothes... but it's happening! We miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon. PS: Check out our newest Abbie pics (click on the Flickr link on the right).

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Erika said...

Love you guys and miss ya' so much! I need to stop by hot pot of coffee more often! Love the last batch of photos...thanks so much for keeping us updated :)