Monday, July 19, 2010

Trying Something New

I am a pathetic "blogger". I love to write, but I never do. I had a list of "contacts" that would automatically receive my posts...but I never really asked any of them if they really wanted to listen to what I have to say (particularly when I start railing against the "markets", or the mainstream media (MSM)).

So I'm going to try something different, something new. I'm just going to write...about whatever I want to. And I'm not going to act as though anyone really wants to hear what I have to say. Maybe someone will read, maybe nobody will. Maybe this will make me feel better, maybe it won't. I do know this...I've come across a number of blogs in the past year that have really inspired me. I've read about riding and running. About climbing (and falling). I've read about homesteading, broken/dysfunctional/manipulated markets and inspiring homebuilders. I've ranted and raved, but I don't think I've done a very good job of getting my point across. So maybe this might help me find a better way.

Not coincidentally, this new approach coincides with the start of my 16 week training program for the New York City Marathon. Our good friend, Jen Van Allen, has been kind enough to lend a hand with some guidance for the marathon. I've got a number in my head I want to get across the line in...but talk is cheap, so I'll keep it in there. I told Jen I'd give some feedback on the training plan, and I hope to be able to use this site as a way to collect my thoughts during the next 16 weeks of training. Today will likely be a rest day after 4 straight days of running and riding. Rule #1...Easy/Rest Days need to be just that...nice and easy. The only way we go faster is building up what we break down, and the primary way to do that is with rest. Take it easy...

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