Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The long road

Stitches are out...no news is good news so it looks like I'm in the clear until my next appointment in July.
Found out a few weeks ago that my auto-entry into New York was accepted, so it looks like I'll be toeing the line in Staten Island on Sunday morning, November 7th (my bro's birthday). The way I see it, if I'm only going to do one marathon, I might as well make it a big one.
It goes without saying that it wasn't an easy winter for running or cycling here in the mid-atlantic...throw in some minor surgery and I'm basically starting from scratch. It all started today...
3.2 miles/7:40 pace...a long way to go

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Geoff said...

Glad you're back in action, my friend. When it dries out a bit, lets take Winston and Luna for a run in the reservation.