Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just One Day

6...Months of focused training
4000...miles of riding and running
Nearly 300...hours of time on the bike or pavement or trails
All for one day
Tomorrow is the Zof, finally. We dropped Abigail and Luna off at my folks house last night. Our first night away from our little girl, and we miss her so much. Kira is in tears at the kitchen table and I'm trying to keep a strong chin. It'll get easier, won't it?
Kira is battling a stiff neck which will make the ride a bit uncomfortable, but she's ready to suffer thru it. I'm ready to put it out there and see what happens. The forecast is for a chilly start but a sunny, 60 degree day. A fine day for some Bring It On


Erika said...

Good Luck you guys! Thinking of you both a ton - and Abigail. I bet her Nanny is in heaven. XO E

EnduranceGuru said...

You're ready, my friend. I know you'll crush this thing. I'll be thinking about you and Kira. Have fun, and freakin' fly!