Monday, February 11, 2008

testing, testing (redux)...

Some more tests of the strength variety. I've actually been on the bike quite a bit the past month, testing, figuring out FTP, working on building endurance. I'm way ahead of the curve compared to last year...actually, compared to just about any year since I've been training and racing. I'm really looking forward to this year...some fun, big, long races planned...we're moving (again!) in a few weeks, and work is super stressful (I'm convinced I'll be out of a job any day now...though I've felt that way for about the past year or so...welcome to the wonderful world of trading energy futures on the NYMEX)...but I'm really motivated, really happy about a lot of things...our marriage, our new home, our families, our dogs...lots to be happy about, lots of reasons to keep rollin'...
Max Pullups: 19
Max Squat: 235
Max Deadlift: 295
Max Hangclean and Press: 125

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